Quick Bio
Fisch de Water

Once upon a time...

...there was a young man in Germany, living close to a famous place called Rüdesheim. This young man started to learn how to play the piano in the age of eight years. He only stopped going to his piano teacher, after she died seven years later. The young man didn't want to play only classic stuff anymore (even though Bach is a rocker!), so he founded his first band, of course basically playing Beatles songs.

After several attempts in creating a band, transforming the ideas in his head, he finally found a band with adequate potential. He fired the singer and started to transform the band into "Silence". Every band member gained a lot of experience from this project, and after while "Silence" became a quite popular band in the area. Of course in the end... same old story... the band split up.

Fisch, giving up hope finding a solid band, started his solo carreer incl. some short term projects (i.e. "Night of Notes" with Pit Cool). Since then Fisch has tinkered around with his music... most of the times all alone with his keyboards, his voice and his ideas -- open to any requests from other musicians.

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